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ITEN offers a full range of multi-disciplinary engineering services for construction of new plants or revamping/scaling-up of existing plants or plant modifications. Our experienced and professional team consists of Domain Experts, Engineers, and Designers in the following disciplines: Process, Mechanical & Piping, Electrical, Control & Automation and Civil & Structural.

Our team has good understanding of various codes & standards, software platforms, and technologies to support clients across different locations in Europe, USA, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

ITEN design and engineering solutions caters to all process plants in Oil & Gas,Refinery / Petrochemicals, Power, Water, Chemicals, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical / Life Sciences and Paper & Pulp industries. We provide the dedicated resources to each individual client for every project. With our onsite-offshore model we execute the complex projects efficiently.
Overview of our offerings:
With vast amount of experience gained through engineering, ITEN is well-positioned to offer its services from the perspective of Project Lifecycle Engineering (PLE). We are ready to provide our services throughout the life of a Project, starting from the very initial stage of concept design, basic engineering, detailed engineering & design up to operation and maintenance. As indicated in the description below, ITEN is prepared to provide the high quality services for any phase of the Project in its lifecycle.
Phases of Plant Design and Engineering
Preliminary GA's
Preliminary P&IDs
Preliminary layout Support
Preliminary Estimation Support
PFD Support
Initial 3D Plant model
Intelligent P&IDs from PFDs
Equipment lists and Equipment data sheets
Sizing Calculations
Instrumentation and Wiring schematics
3D Modelling of Structural, Piping, Equipment and HVAC
Stress analysis of piping systems
Detailed Equipment Specs
Electrical & Instrumentation drawings
3D Model & 2D Schematics
As-built modelling
Conversion of legacy 2D drawings into intelligent P&IDs
In detailed engineering and design, ITEN covers the complete spectrum of piping, mechanical, civil and structural, electrical, instrumentation, and process disciplines. We have distinguished ourselves in these areas by providing timely and quality detail engineering services.
Development of P&ID’s based on FEED
Preparation of P&ID’s for utilities
Sizing calculations
Hydraulic calculations
Performing insulation and heat tracing calculations
Preparation of line list, equipment list, valve list, etc.
Preparation of Piping General Arrangement Drawings and P&IDs for all systems
Preparation of Piping Material Specifications
Nozzle Orientation
Stress Analysis of Piping Systems
Pipe Support Engineering including Special
  Supports Preparation
Preparation of Isometric drawings
Material Take-off’s / Requisition for Piping & Specialty Items
Analysis, Design, Detailing as per International codes for Pressure Vessels,
Heat Exchangers, Reactors, Columns,
Towers etc.
Equipment layout
Elevation and installation drawings equipment list
Preparation of Strength Calculations & GA Drawings
Single Line Diagram (SLD)
Electrical Layouts for Power & Equipment
Data Sheets/Specifications for Electrical Equipment
Voltage drop & cable sizing calculations
Cable Schedules & Installation drawings
Layout drawings
Instrument Loop & Hook-up drawings
Cable Block Diagram & Cable Schedule
Civil / Structural
Analysis, Design, Detailing for
Reinforced concrete framed structures
Steel framed buildings and Superstructures
Foundations for Structures, Equipment & Machinery
Cable & Pipe trenches/tunnels
ITEN has vast experience in providing 3D modeling services from cloud point data to clients who require highly accurate documentation of their existing facilities.

ITEN can convert scanned point cloud data into 3D As-Built model for Offshore and Onshore Retrofits/Revamps/Brownfield Project. The completed 3D As-Built model will be converted into CAD software. The 3D As-Built model will be used to integrate with client detail design model in CAD environment to identify potential clashes issues.
ITEN’s as-built services include:
Conversion of Point cloud data to 3D intelligent model
Create a point cloud representation of the scanned object's geometry.
Export to any CAD platforms
Conversion into geometric or fully intelligent 3D models on any CAD platform
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